What is a Public Adjuster

What a public adjuster is and why you should hire one for your property loss claim

Our public adjuster represents your best interest, not the insurance company’s.

Our qualified and skilled team of public adjusters are there to assist you during time of setbacks and distress caused by natural disasters or accidents. It is our priority to help you through the process of insurance claim to get the best possible claim amount for you.

One of the key factors for the financial recovery of your property loss is how you take care of the proceeding of the claim process. Understanding the insurance policy and the rights of the insured not only helps with smooth claim recovery but could also increase the claim amount manifold.

It is undoubtedly possible for you to be worried about the complexities and requirements of the process. There are times when you might need to know about a particular aspect of the claim procedure or the insurance policy. Damage assessment and analysis is a strenuous and complicated step and involves meticulous observation of the damage. It also includes the precise estimation of the apparent and hidden damage also the possibilities of any more damage in the future. To answer all your questions related to the complicated insurance policy language and filing a claim, you need to have an expert by your side.

Whenever an unfortunate situation happens, the first thing you need to do is to contact your insurance company for the estimation of damage. The damage caused by the disaster is estimated by the insurance company representatives and an adjuster from the insurance company presents a deal with you for settlement of the claim. It is advisable to hire a professional public adjuster who will be at your service for assistance throughout the process of damage claim.

Insurance companies have all the experts they need to help them minimize the damage claim and grant the policyholders with what the insurance company gets benefited. A better understanding of the insurance law and the rights of policyholders could save you from the hassle of dealing with complicated terms and conditions the insurance companies try to impose on you. There are certain areas in the insurance laws that are not interpreted clearly by the insurance company representatives which leads to underpayment of the damage to the policyholders. The question arises how can you be prepared for these things beforehand?

Hire a public adjuster – your own advocate in the insurance claim process.

A public adjuster best represents you and fights for your benefit and best interest. To lessen your stress and burden about insurance claim and elevate the chances of getting the maximum claim amount, you need to have a public adjuster by your side. A public adjuster will be there for you at every step in order to provide the guidelines necessary for maximizing the claim settlement amount.

What Is A Public Adjuster?

Public adjusters are professionals licensed by the state to work for the policyholders in their best interests. A public adjuster is different from the contract based adjusters hired by insurance companies that work for their benefit. Public adjusters prioritize the interest of the insured and plan strategies accordingly. Working for any sort of property owner be it residential or commercial, the public adjusters become the best representative of the insured and try to get the maximum settlement claim amount for their client.

Following three types of adjusters work in the United States

  1. Insurance Adjusters: work under the insurance company and sent to the policyholders in case of property damage or loss on behalf of the insurance company for evaluation and estimation of damage.
  2. Independent Adjusters: can work for the insurance company for some time period on contract basis.
  3. Public Adjusters: work with the policyholders only and help them with the insurance claim.

What Public Adjusters Do

Often the policyholders think that the insurance company will deal with everything in case of their property damage. But it is a prevailing misconception. The policyholders are actually needed to get their damage estimated and documented properly to file a claim. Among other conditions is the timely filing of the settlement claim with all the necessary paperwork. Failure to fulfill these conditions may lead to an underpaid insurance claim or even rejection of the claim by the insurance company.

Our team works by following ways to assist the policyholders through the claim process

  • Understanding and evaluating the insurance policy in order to strategize the claim.
  • Meticulous examination of the damage for careful documentation to avoid claim rejection by the insurance company.
  • Filing the claim at the insurance company as your representative.
  • Negotiation with the adjuster of the insurance company to come up with the best possible outcome.
  • Get the maximum possible claim amount from the insurance company

Why Should I Hire A Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a professional working in the field for the insurance settlement claims on behalf of the property owners. The public adjusters can make a huge difference in the amount of claim amount recovered. Moreover, they try to speed up the process so that the property damage could be repaired as soon as possible.

What Does It Cost To Hire A Public Adjuster?

Public adjusters’ earnings depend on the amount they recover from the insurance claim. Most of the time, public adjusters receive 10% of the total amount recovered from the insurance claim. Public adjuster’s interest is with the benefit of the insured. If the claim amount is less, you will have to pay the public adjusters accordingly.

K- Factor Advocates Public Adjusters are at your service for assistance of any sort to ensure your representation is the most prepared and the best way at the insurance company.

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